Monday, November 19, 2007

This time.My turn

This time,my turn.
finally understand that feeling..
not too bad,
not very pain.
just a lil bit sad..
i can heal myself in a few minutes,even in a few seconds.
i m very sorry make her sad,make her cry,make her suffer..
i never meant to do like that..
i can totally understand wat she feel right now.
cause i face the same situation so many times before..
wat i wan to tell her is :
sorry for wat i had done.
pls dun cry for me.
i promise to never make u upset.
i wan to see u smile like before.
wat you told me touched me.
it was not your fault but mine.
dun worry,be happy.
as i told u before.
*smile~~ =)

*~Life Goes On~*

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