Friday, September 28, 2007


i was in hometown since last saturday..
hving my holiday..
but it's really bored when stay at home..
i help in my dad's shop everday and everyday..
nth to do beside that..
i even have no time to chat on MSN.. =(
hope to back to college asap..
at least i got friends there...

Monday, September 24, 2007

She Can't Recognize Me Anymore... Y_Y

i went to my grand-grandmother's house yesterday with my dad..
went there to gv her the mooncakes..
my father bought her mooncake every year..
when we arrived.. i took the mooncake and walk into the house..
and she just stand outside the house..
i walk toward her and called her : Lao Ma(the way i called her in hakka)
she roll her eyes and look at me..
and asking me : who are u?
i say : i am Ah Ye!!
she : huh??? -.-?
i repeat : i am AH YE, AH YE ah~~~~~
well,she got sum ears' problem,but i think my voice enuf for her..
she reply me : i dun knoe who u r....
oh my~~~
seem like wat they told me is true..
she cant recognize most of the people..
my dad walk toward her and told her my name...
but she stil dun knoe..
she just cant remeber me..
i was so sad..
i think this is the effect of living in a town and less going out or communicate with people..
i stil remember that when she hvent move to the town,
she just living near my house..
and she wil walk to my shop everyday at 3pm..
then she can do sumthing there...
and talk v people and she can drink the milo i made for her!!
but after she move to the town,
she was in the house everyday..
everyone going out to work..
nobody in the house talk to her..
she was so lonely...
i got a ides b4,
but i din told my dad.
that's ask her live with us..
at least she wont be alone..
and got ppl to talk to..
wont be so lonely everyday~~
but now..
it's too late to do that ...
i was so hate myself..
for din shout out the idea...
i was crying in the nite..
but i knoe it doen't help anything..
her body is stil strong..
i think it's sum of the old people dementia...
i hate myself......
so hate.... >_<

Thursday, September 20, 2007

When I'm Boring...

after hving meal in pizza hut..
we back to house..
and i found i hv nth to do after the final exam.
i dun wish to wacth movie too..
so i ask jiunn yeu who hv 3 camera phone and one digital camera (damn rich him!) take few pic for me..
i think of sum anime like mask rider or dragon ball..
so i set that as the theme of my pic..
here we go..

Thank for view....


Director : ' 'ChaN YE' '

Camera Boy : Jiunn Yeu "angel tears"

accessaries: NokiaN73ME, Card Reader

.:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.ThE EnD.:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.

Arrival of Jiunn Yeu...

Jiunn Yeu come my at house 2day at noon..
actually he wish to go back to muar 2day..
but i asking him come me here 1st then we wil back 2gether..
i was waiting him in my house while he start his journey from penang..
and i was having a stupig headache that cause me cant join pei wen's farewell gathering..
feel sorry to her..
after jiunn yeu reached..
we go to have my brunchner ( breakfast + lunch + dinner )..
we went to pizzat hut and we call the set for 4 persons..
i felt v hungry ,
so i think 2 person set no enuf for me..
but guess wat..
after i ate the garlic bread and the soup of the day and one glass of pepsi..
i felt fulll...
damn it..
the pizza were serve at the time..
4 pan small personal pizza..
but we cant finish all after we ate 2 pan of it..
i feel like wanna vomit..
so,we force to ask for 'tabao'..

4 glass of pepsi,4 bowl of soup everyday , 2 garlic bread...
trying to finish the 1st pizza...i fell like wanna vomit... but it stil taste nice..

i am full.... i am full....... i am full..........

Finally,the exam is over...

finally, the final exam is over..
and i think i can slp well in the nite..
when i was in the exam week..
i totally cant fall slp in the nite and ..
it make me sick!
i m just like a ghost..
slp in the morning and noon..
and awake in the nite..
final is over..
perhaps i can slp well..

brought back from Ruums..

seriously,it help while cant fall slp in the nite...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Latest Me...

photos taken by Jared and Myself...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chinese KFC Commercial ....

Funny Clip

this one found on Lazhabor's blog ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After The 1st Exam day...

while i was doing my exam paper in the damn stupig cold college hall..
i suddenly wanna go out at nite..
i told mun seong after i reached house..
he said he got accounting paper on monday..
but he say can accompany me go too..
then i decided to rest while..
Mun Seong said wanna do revision for next paper and wil wake me up after that..
he wake me up at 10.15 pm..
we " make up " abit..
then wait for his friends' call..
then we meet with his friends..
and we go by taxi..
we not drink too much that nite..
and i lazy to telll wat happen inside..
actually just as usual..
here is sum pics ::

Left to right
Up: Me - Wei Loong
Down: Collin - Bernard - MunSeong

" Kuching Brothers "

stil not enjoy enuf..


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Special to PiG...

尤其一个人为了一个不爱他/她的人酱子的话,那真的是 "苯入膏肓" 了...
有些人说得比较好听,他们说那是 "凄美" 的爱情...
真的没办法就对他/她骂一句: 你他妈的伤得我好痛
p/s: pig,i hope u can understand that, dun make urself live in suffering ok?
. . . .take care"

Monday, September 3, 2007

Actually... I Care...

everytime we talk,we quarrel...
i dun wish to quarrel v u..
i dun knoe y,
mayb i stil cant find a right way to communicate v u...
but pls trust me..
i really dun wish to quarrel v u...
sumtime i dun wish to talk is just wan to avoid quarreling...
sorry is wat i can say..
hope u understand that..
i care all of u,
just i dun knoe hw to show it...



从开学以来,我一直都没有心情去读书... 也不知道为什么,就是进不了脑,还有那日文和经济,简直就是要了我的命!!!



Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Presentation... 2nd Week...

come to the last week for our presentation...
the 2nd week group members were busy make up them self ....
i was the cameraman...
but so bad i lost some pic... =(
just left this few..

Man Ting
- with her scary big eyes...
i guess the mirror is going to break cause of her scary eyes.. XD

Jee jing -The Cameron People
-wear just like a lecturer...
-mention my name while presentation.. worry lecturer gonna cut off my mark...

Soon Wah a.K.a Wah Zai a.K.a Wah Siew
Desmond-The Johorian
-Brothers is using for help while tidy our tie..

-beware of ur eye..

Ice and Cindy(the Merdeka baby)
this pic not really nice..
cause it's b4 they done their work..

Left to Right
Kian Yee - mention my name too while presentation but i m not the one she wants to thank, just for fun
Fiona - the Class Rept.
Jee Jing - the new Lecturer
Mei Na a.K.a. Vivian - the Hakka Moi a.K.a Fan Shu Moi

Left to Right
Yew Leong . Tuck Seong . Desmond . Lai Yin . Jared

Left to Right
Win Jin . Ice . Man Ting . Yew Leong . Desmond . Jared

*p/s: sum pics from jared...