Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After The 1st Exam day...

while i was doing my exam paper in the damn stupig cold college hall..
i suddenly wanna go out at nite..
i told mun seong after i reached house..
he said he got accounting paper on monday..
but he say can accompany me go too..
then i decided to rest while..
Mun Seong said wanna do revision for next paper and wil wake me up after that..
he wake me up at 10.15 pm..
we " make up " abit..
then wait for his friends' call..
then we meet with his friends..
and we go by taxi..
we not drink too much that nite..
and i lazy to telll wat happen inside..
actually just as usual..
here is sum pics ::

Left to right
Up: Me - Wei Loong
Down: Collin - Bernard - MunSeong

" Kuching Brothers "

stil not enjoy enuf..


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