Friday, October 26, 2007

I Am The Chef.... =D

last tuesday i having my 1st kitchen practical in 2nd semester...
and this time it more complicated..
cause we spent 4 hours in the kitchen..
and prepare many types of food..
we were divided into 2 big group which each group lead by a " Chef Of The Day "
i was the " Chef Of The Day " ..
feel quite nervous while heard that from Shifu...
cause it means i have to take care all the thing,
from start til the end..
make sure everything is under control..
Shifu ask me to divided my group in to 4 small group to prepare d'frent food..
this is the Mise-en-place:

Garde Manger and Butcher :
Win Jin
Kar Haur
( Chicken Sandwich and Garden Salad )

Entremetier :
Fei Yee
Hong Peng
Man Ting
Lai Yin
( Chicken Broth and French Onion Soup )

Saucier :
Pao Fong
Wei Ming
Chin An
Wei Teck
(Spaghetti Bolognaise and Roast Chicken With Giblet Gravy )

Patissier :
Fong Chin
Jia Hao
Jee JIng
Kien Sien
( Chilled Tropical Fruit Soup and Soft Rolls )

While we going to start our work..
Pao Fong was Faint,Possibly no having breakfast in the morning..
she force to rest in the restaurant..
after that,we start our work..
everyone enjoy doing their job..
Chef Mark and Chef Ronnie (i guess this is his name) was busy instructing ppl...
i stay with the Patissier the most..
and warm up the plate b4 serving..
after 2 and half hours..
all food almost done..
and Shifu asking all of us to serve the food..

below is some pictures on that day :

Me - Patterning With full Kitchen attire

I am the " Chef Of The Day "

With the Garde Manger and Butchers - Alvin and Win Jin

Garde Manger and Butchers are serving the sandwich..
Win Jin . Alvin . Kar Haur

Preparation before serving the food...

food is served.
waiting for Chef Mark and Chef Ronnie to taste..

Garden Salad

Roast Chicken With Giblet Gravy

Spagheti Bolognaise

Chilled Tropical Fruit Soup

" Mark Kor " is explaining the mistake that we done..

Time to eat!!!

The Saucier : Chin An
The Patissiers : Jee Jing . kien Sien

Albert from another group...

our soft Rolls are the best on the world..
The Entremetier : Man Ting

Win Jin - she wil be the "Chef Of The Day " next week
Alvin - done the work til last...
Jee Jing -easy to order,cameron people always friendly..
this was a very good experience for me to be a head chef..
trying to learn more in the following week..
i wanna thx all my team for doing a good job..
and sorry for not helping them so much..
especially the Saucier and Entremier...
i hope nxt time we wil done our job more successful..
p/s : thx to those who sent me the pics and took pic for me to finish my Supervisor Report

Monday, October 22, 2007

Again.We Quarrel.I Dun Wish to Be Like That. Sorry,I Love You..

You called me.
and i know my voice is not friendly at all..
i really dun know why everytime we talk,
i will suddenly turn to be like that..
i really don't wish to quarrel with you..
and you aren't scolding me...
you just giving me some advice..
i knew you cried,
it's because of me..
i feel bad for that,
i even don't dare to say sorry..
i wil try to talk nicely to you in the future..
cause i know you are just care about me..
mayb i not having some friend that can really listen wat i thinking..
it making me feel quite pekcek sometime..
and recently i really didn't simply spent my money
i really hope you all can understand it..
and last thing..


Muackssss ^ x ^

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exam Result.... =(

my exam result was release yesterday..
when i saw the result,
i was so happy cause there were no any ' D '
in my mind,i think D is the grade which mean failed...
there were just B and C..
but when i look below of the result..
it write :
You are required to resit KHHM1023, KHHM1063, KHHM1103
wat the.....
C- means Failed??? 0.o
i was so sad..
although i guess my result wil be bad..
i sit there..
thinking the three paper i have to resit...
it isn't a easy paper..
sumore this sem stil got the marketing and accounting paper which can kill me in a second..
should i continue study or not?
nobody can answer it..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Finally i can meet v my brother - Kiat..
din c him for a long time..
i got many thing to talk v him but so bad it's not a good time that nite and i rush to go home..
hope can c him soon..
trying to kiss me..
act cool..
act cute?!

he is wearing LV underwear!!

Han Hwee's B'day..

while i was hving my holiday..
jiunn yeu tell me that han hwee's b'day was on friday..
then we think to buy him a cake and celebrate v him...
we ask him out to yamcha at the nite..
and we take out the cake when he not noticed..
the cafe's stuff was v kind and she play the Happy B'day song for us..
she turn off the light too..=)
Han Hwee was so happy..
and so us..
it's not many chances for me to celebrate friends' b'day..
below is the pics.. =)

The B'day boy is smiling.. =)
Me - trying to lick the cake,but han hwee is keeping his eyes on me...

Me - Feeding Tze Meng.. the boy bhind there,i guess u all knoe him gua? the Malaysia Idol - Daniel Lee XD




















p/s : he is not daniel but Wang Kiat XD

Hang Out v Old Friends...

in the holiday last two week,i hang out v Ting Wee And Jiunn Yeu..
well..i pick Ting Wee from the sch(my high school)..
b4 i went into the sch,
the guard ask me: ada ape hal?
i said : nak pergi pejabat
he : untuk ape?
me : jumpa kawan O.o (wat a stupig excuse)
he : o..ok tulis name dan masa masuk kat sini..
gv me the registry book and the visitor pass..
me : terima kasih ya
then i went to the library to meet ting wee..
no teacher saw me..
then i went to their classroom..
i saw few friends that we used to break the rules b4..
but nw they seem like quite hard working...
be v silent in the class..
i saw few F4 boys and they keep telling me i m nw WANTED!!
i knew it..
cause after the anty-mee-lantai song..
most of my friend kena minus their sasiah mark..
feel so sorry to them..
after pick up ting wee..
meet v jiunn yeu and we going to Batu Pahat by the most dangerous driver - Jiunn yeu's car..
and yea,he was the driver.. -.-"
not going to type anymore
just show few pics here..
the first time i saw fan in the toilet -.-"
Jiunn Yeu - the most dangerous driver!!

Ting Wee - owes lucky while playing bowling
Me - dun knoe play then just can pattern lo
The ball is heavy,that's y i cant make my hand be straight
Jiunn Yeu's suggestion to take this pic,he said can be a memories?!
i no think so..

ok..lastly.. having dinner at there too. i forget the restaurant's name but its food taste nice...