Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hang Out v Old Friends...

in the holiday last two week,i hang out v Ting Wee And Jiunn Yeu..
well..i pick Ting Wee from the sch(my high school)..
b4 i went into the sch,
the guard ask me: ada ape hal?
i said : nak pergi pejabat
he : untuk ape?
me : jumpa kawan O.o (wat a stupig excuse)
he : o..ok tulis name dan masa masuk kat sini..
gv me the registry book and the visitor pass..
me : terima kasih ya
then i went to the library to meet ting wee..
no teacher saw me..
then i went to their classroom..
i saw few friends that we used to break the rules b4..
but nw they seem like quite hard working...
be v silent in the class..
i saw few F4 boys and they keep telling me i m nw WANTED!!
i knew it..
cause after the anty-mee-lantai song..
most of my friend kena minus their sasiah mark..
feel so sorry to them..
after pick up ting wee..
meet v jiunn yeu and we going to Batu Pahat by the most dangerous driver - Jiunn yeu's car..
and yea,he was the driver.. -.-"
not going to type anymore
just show few pics here..
the first time i saw fan in the toilet -.-"
Jiunn Yeu - the most dangerous driver!!

Ting Wee - owes lucky while playing bowling
Me - dun knoe play then just can pattern lo
The ball is heavy,that's y i cant make my hand be straight
Jiunn Yeu's suggestion to take this pic,he said can be a memories?!
i no think so..

ok..lastly.. having dinner at there too. i forget the restaurant's name but its food taste nice...

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