Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exam Result.... =(

my exam result was release yesterday..
when i saw the result,
i was so happy cause there were no any ' D '
in my mind,i think D is the grade which mean failed...
there were just B and C..
but when i look below of the result..
it write :
You are required to resit KHHM1023, KHHM1063, KHHM1103
wat the.....
C- means Failed??? 0.o
i was so sad..
although i guess my result wil be bad..
i sit there..
thinking the three paper i have to resit...
it isn't a easy paper..
sumore this sem stil got the marketing and accounting paper which can kill me in a second..
should i continue study or not?
nobody can answer it..

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