Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arrival of Jiunn Yeu...

Jiunn Yeu come my at house 2day at noon..
actually he wish to go back to muar 2day..
but i asking him come me here 1st then we wil back 2gether..
i was waiting him in my house while he start his journey from penang..
and i was having a stupig headache that cause me cant join pei wen's farewell gathering..
feel sorry to her..
after jiunn yeu reached..
we go to have my brunchner ( breakfast + lunch + dinner )..
we went to pizzat hut and we call the set for 4 persons..
i felt v hungry ,
so i think 2 person set no enuf for me..
but guess wat..
after i ate the garlic bread and the soup of the day and one glass of pepsi..
i felt fulll...
damn it..
the pizza were serve at the time..
4 pan small personal pizza..
but we cant finish all after we ate 2 pan of it..
i feel like wanna vomit..
so,we force to ask for 'tabao'..

4 glass of pepsi,4 bowl of soup everyday , 2 garlic bread...
trying to finish the 1st pizza...i fell like wanna vomit... but it stil taste nice..

i am full.... i am full....... i am full..........

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