Thursday, September 20, 2007

When I'm Boring...

after hving meal in pizza hut..
we back to house..
and i found i hv nth to do after the final exam.
i dun wish to wacth movie too..
so i ask jiunn yeu who hv 3 camera phone and one digital camera (damn rich him!) take few pic for me..
i think of sum anime like mask rider or dragon ball..
so i set that as the theme of my pic..
here we go..

Thank for view....


Director : ' 'ChaN YE' '

Camera Boy : Jiunn Yeu "angel tears"

accessaries: NokiaN73ME, Card Reader

.:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.ThE EnD.:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.

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