Monday, September 24, 2007

She Can't Recognize Me Anymore... Y_Y

i went to my grand-grandmother's house yesterday with my dad..
went there to gv her the mooncakes..
my father bought her mooncake every year..
when we arrived.. i took the mooncake and walk into the house..
and she just stand outside the house..
i walk toward her and called her : Lao Ma(the way i called her in hakka)
she roll her eyes and look at me..
and asking me : who are u?
i say : i am Ah Ye!!
she : huh??? -.-?
i repeat : i am AH YE, AH YE ah~~~~~
well,she got sum ears' problem,but i think my voice enuf for her..
she reply me : i dun knoe who u r....
oh my~~~
seem like wat they told me is true..
she cant recognize most of the people..
my dad walk toward her and told her my name...
but she stil dun knoe..
she just cant remeber me..
i was so sad..
i think this is the effect of living in a town and less going out or communicate with people..
i stil remember that when she hvent move to the town,
she just living near my house..
and she wil walk to my shop everyday at 3pm..
then she can do sumthing there...
and talk v people and she can drink the milo i made for her!!
but after she move to the town,
she was in the house everyday..
everyone going out to work..
nobody in the house talk to her..
she was so lonely...
i got a ides b4,
but i din told my dad.
that's ask her live with us..
at least she wont be alone..
and got ppl to talk to..
wont be so lonely everyday~~
but now..
it's too late to do that ...
i was so hate myself..
for din shout out the idea...
i was crying in the nite..
but i knoe it doen't help anything..
her body is stil strong..
i think it's sum of the old people dementia...
i hate myself......
so hate.... >_<

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