Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Presentation... 2nd Week...

come to the last week for our presentation...
the 2nd week group members were busy make up them self ....
i was the cameraman...
but so bad i lost some pic... =(
just left this few..

Man Ting
- with her scary big eyes...
i guess the mirror is going to break cause of her scary eyes.. XD

Jee jing -The Cameron People
-wear just like a lecturer...
-mention my name while presentation.. worry lecturer gonna cut off my mark...

Soon Wah a.K.a Wah Zai a.K.a Wah Siew
Desmond-The Johorian
-Brothers is using for help while tidy our tie..

-beware of ur eye..

Ice and Cindy(the Merdeka baby)
this pic not really nice..
cause it's b4 they done their work..

Left to Right
Kian Yee - mention my name too while presentation but i m not the one she wants to thank, just for fun
Fiona - the Class Rept.
Jee Jing - the new Lecturer
Mei Na a.K.a. Vivian - the Hakka Moi a.K.a Fan Shu Moi

Left to Right
Yew Leong . Tuck Seong . Desmond . Lai Yin . Jared

Left to Right
Win Jin . Ice . Man Ting . Yew Leong . Desmond . Jared

*p/s: sum pics from jared...

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