Monday, November 19, 2007

The Result is Out ; Everything is Clear

I told,
and i get the result in the midnight..
i din felt good from the first msg,
the folllowing msg bring me down,
and finally,
everything is clear...
i failed..
but stil hvent feel the pain yet,
will the feeling come to me when i slp?
or when i was alone?
i no dare to think bout that,
stil thinking how to spend the following days..
give me a big hand for my courage,
and this is the first time i confess to a gal..
and i found out everything is easy when i m not serious,
and everything is so hard when i m serious..
weird huh?
the world is like that,
i have no choice..
wish me luck in the future.. =)

what i would be after this?

being alone in everywhere?


sigh with the more kesian face?

let the tears turn around in the eyes??

cry like a gal?
cry like a baby??

become mad and bang my pc?

doing nth everyday,eat,play,slp?
eat and eat and eat?

tell ppl how cham i am by writing on the wall with the blood?

concentrate in study?

let myself be so busy man and forget those unhappy thing?

Hooray for me courage?

or just kosong?live without my soul?
p/s:thank for those who support me.. =D
sorry for make u all disappointed..

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