Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally,She Found out..

Finally,she found i m weird these few days..
it's not just because of i m sick..
i dun knoe y i just feel jealous when she talk with the others guys..
when saw she was so close to someone,
my heart was so painful.
all these make me mood-less..
and make my world in grey color..
i think i like her..
i no dare to tell her,
perhaps once i told,
we cant even be friend anymore..
sometime i tell myself that watch her from behind olso can make me feel happy,
but wat i want is more than that..
it's hard to discribe that kind of feeling..
she asking me why am i avoid her,
i cant even tell her..
i dun wish to lose her sympathy..
every word she said to me make me alive..
this few days keep listening to sad song..
at night keep dream of her..
but nobody i can tell..
wat should i do now?
nobody can answer me..
i m just let it carry on with its way..


S'hereen said...

hey boy.. be brave to tell her.. you must try.. if not you will never success.. you will never know what she feels towards you.. you will regret. if she rejects you and avoid you, don't lose heart. At least you try. Go ahead. Jia you.

' 'ChaN YE' ' said...

thx.. =)