Thursday, November 15, 2007


i thought i almost recover from my the sickness..
but i m wrong..
2day after runaway from BM class..
think to go home rest and then go for interview v friends..
after bath,i m just like a " sick cat "
my stomach tell me something gonna happen and it prove to me in the toilet for so many times.
after feeding the toilet bowl
i feed my basin -.-"
everything around me like keep turning around..
i go slp..
but stomach keep produce some " fertilizers "
my toilet was so full 2day..
when i wan take the medicine,
i found that it's finish alr. 0.o
wat the...

but one thing i remember is,
i keep dream of " her " when i slp.
i just cant forget bout her.
trying to avoid from her cant setle the problem..
now i just can let it go like usual..
i m weak.. =(

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