Monday, November 12, 2007


i m sick.
nothing to do beside sit in front pc and eat medicine..
the stupig flu make me cant fall slp.
sore throat make me cant sing,
sumbody said these few days was so peaceful cause i din sing.. -.-"
fever make me pening pening..
nothing to do,then i keep checking the photos in my pc..
found some photos that i never think to upload..
seem i have nothing to do,
so come and upload them.. =)

the day before cut my hair..

Alvin seem like going to become the " Purple Giant " XD

keep your step far away from me,i am tired...

nobody will look nice after kitchen practical...


come on baby,i am horny...

this pic make JeeJing feel dying..
she said i am prettier than her.. XD
Camwhore 1.2.3
2.singh hairt style

special thanks to:
Soon Wah - Nokia N73ME
JeeJing - SonyEricsson K618i
Alvin - SonyEricsson W850i
posted by : ' 'ChaN YE' ' in sick..

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