Saturday, August 4, 2007

My 1st Presentation...

i had my first presentation on 3rd August....
which is Hubungan Etnik(a new subject,dun knoe for wat...) presentation..
stil remember that,
when i start wan to find my group,i found that most of the group hv enuf member alr..
it's because i was late in this course..
just left one group that no enuf member yet..
so they accept me at last..
and the leader ask me to prepare bout the " Sekolah Tamil " ...
after few days..
i ask sumone who same group v me,
who are the others group members..
she show me and i found that...
i was the only MALE in this group... 0.o
i hv sum pic on that day...

Me-Cindy(black and white)-Pei Wen(Left,black)-Man Ting(Pink)-Lai Yin(Right,black)

another group pic:
From L to R :
Cindy-Me-Lai Yin-Pei Wen

Lai Yin *wearing 3"inch of high heel shoes... pain huh -.-?

Cindy *wear just like a professional ppl.. XD

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