Friday, September 19, 2008

Night-Out After Exams.

went to Maison last night,it was my first time went to a club with classmate.
someone put an aeroplane on us,make me worry there will no enough fun with just a few person,
luckily i was told by them that wil have more persons to join us.
it's a nice outing with them
although some of them force to leave early.
but stil thank them for join us and provide the transportation.
hope there wil be a second time for us..
here are the photos :

the Classmates



Jeejing . Chin an

Jeejing . Me

Winjin . Me

Winjin . Nicholas

Me . Nicholas

Me . Wen hoe

Chin an . Ahyang

Ahyang . Me

Here come the lousiest clubber of the night..::



Lousy lah oi....

at mamak stil the same.. -.-"

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