Friday, February 8, 2008

Fang's B'day....

yesterday was my best friend - Woei Fang's b'day..
me and kiat plan to give her a suprise which is celebrate with her on 12am..
but so bad she go out with her bf..
so i went to kiat's house wait her to be home..
while waiting at kiat's house.
looking at the clock passing 12am,we give her a call and sing her the b'day song..
after that we continue to wait..
because i m the first guest for CNY in kiat's house..
his mum give ma an angpao..
which is mean my first angpao is from her,not from my parents..
and i think it's funny...
i chat v kiats sis while waiting..
when Honey(kiat's 2nd sis) back from outside..
we decided to go to fang's house..
we reached and wait for bout 15 minutes...
and she is home!!
and it's 2.30am alr.. -.-"
that stupid fellow left her house's key at malaca.
so we need to ding dong ding dong til her mum wake up..
we go in ,take out the cake,take pics,sing the song,eat the cake and chatting..
oh ya,actually we celebrate fang and kiat's b'day 2gether cause kiat is not around on his b'day..
chat til 5am and i feel wanna go home..
cause i was too tired and my eyes are v dry cause of the contact lenses... =(
we still very happy cause three of us finally can meet together..
it's already a long time we din stay 2gether...
it's hard to have a chance to meet together after we start out college life..
hope we can hang out someday..

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